Appleton, Wisconsin

About Highland Heights Condominiums


Overview: Highland Heights is a friendly 83-unit condominium community located on the northwest side of Appleton, WI. Each unit is a totally self-contained residence - similar to row houses - with its own front and rear entrances, attached two-car garage and back yard. The 83 residences are situated in 17 buildings. All units have a sun porch or patio or both. The development includes both one-story and two-story units.

Construction of Highland Heights was carried out in three phases. The project began in 1996 and was completed in 2001.

Virtually all units are owner-occupied.


Grounds: The community is situated on 18.3 acres and the grounds are immaculately groomed and landscaped. The grounds include over 2,000 trees and shrubs.


Streets: The residences are aligned along four streets - West Windtree Drive, West Bent Oak Lane, North Mistwood Lane and North Barkwood Lane. The four streets are owned and maintained by the Condominium Association.

Governance: The affairs of the community are governed by the Highland Heights Condominium Association. The Association's Board of Directors consists of six owners that are elected at the annual meeting by their fellow owners for three-year terms. The Board meets throughout the year to conduct Association business. The Association's Annual Meeting is held each October at which time all owners are brought up-to-date on Association matters. The Annual Meeting also affords owners the opportunity to make suggestions, ask questions and volunteer for a variety of Association tasks.

Management: The Association contracts with Pfefferle Manangement to manage the day-to-day affairs of Highland Heights as directed by the Board.

Maintenance: Highland Heights offers care-free living for its residents. Almost everything outside of your unit is maintained by the Association. Lawn maintenance, landscaping, snow shoveling, building maintenance - and almost all other burdens of home ownership - are all taken care of by the Association.

Financial Soundness: In these difficult economic times, condominium associations are coming under great scrutiny by lenders and regulators. Horror stories abound of associations unable to pay their bills because of financial difficulties and of associations with insufficient reserve funds to pay for unexpected repairs. Financing for the purchase of units in such developments is almost non-existent. This is not the case at Highland Heights. Highland Heights is one of the most financially stable condominium communities in the Fox Cities. Our budget has balanced every year of our existence and we have a large Statutory Reserve Fund. If you are considering a move to Highland Heights and have questions about our financial condition, please call our management company to get the answers.

A Regulated Community: Ownership at Highland Heights is open to everyone without regard to age, race, religion, creed, sexual orientation, etc.

On the other hand, Highland Heights is more than just a place to live - it is a lifestyle. Like most other quality condominium communities, Highland Heights has rules and regulations governing activities in the common areas. These rules not only protect the Highland Heights lifestyle but also protect our property values. Please check out our rules on our Documents page.

Residents: The Highland Heights community is made up of individuals drawn from a wide variety of professions and businesses. Residents include retirees, snow birds and working professionals. A large number of residents are actively involved with volunteer work throughout the Fox Cities.


Lifestyle: Highland Heights is a friendly community and its residents have a wide variety of interests and passions. You are almost certain to find a fellow resident that shares your same interests whether it be golf, tennis, fishing, bridge, socializing - or almost anything else.

Come Join Us: If you are searching for a new condominium living experience, please check us out. We think you will like what you find here at Highland Heights.